Rhythms of Culture

Rhythms of Culture was started with the intention of building a global community of talented, underprivileged children from all walks of life and giving them a stage to express themselves and represent their cultures. This was accomplished through uniting with organizations in Colombia, Guatemala, and Honduras to carry out the project Rhythms of Culture, Children Helping Children. From the theater Manuel Bonilla in Tegucigalpa, Honduras to Walt Disney World,  over a hundred and twenty children were given the opportunity to engage with their heritages and represent their cultures on an international level. Read More

Aurora Over the Silk Road

Aurora Over the Silk Road was created to encourage youth to be curious about where they come from and learn the importance of preserving their heritages.  AOSR is custom to each venue, with programs for younger and older audiences alike. All programs include a performance of dance and music and workshops, which cover different aspects of the cultures of Xinjiang, China, the ancestry of Yasmanth’s founders. AOSR has been taken to audiences both nationally and internationally, travelling to cultural centers, children’s museums such as as the Strong (the second largest children’s museum in the nation), and youth centers at military bases such as Fort Hood. AOSR is always free of charge. Read More

S-A-F-E (Sharing the Arts of Free Expression)

Yasmanth’s newest program, S-A-F-E, is scheduled to launch in 2018. Its main purpose is to help create safe spaces for immigrants and refugees to openly share and teach their cultures within their new surroundings. This will be accomplished by working with local cultural centers, schools, and libraries to host events that encourage cultural exchange. The hope is to foster creative environments where newcomers feel welcomed and can share a little of their homes with their new communities.