Our History

Yasmanth was founded in 2007 during a cultural exchange in Cartagena, Colombia. Since then, Yasmanth has launched Rhythms of Culture – Children Helping Children, Aurora Over the Silk Road, and S-A-F-E (Sharing the Arts of Free Expression). All three programs were started with the mission to empower youth to connect with their heritage and rise above their surroundings to positively impact their lives and communities. Since our inception, Yasmanth has reached thousands through national and international tours and workshop. We don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.

Our Founders

Yasmanth was co-founded by siblings Anthony and Yasmine Garay. Currently, it is run by Yasmine while Anthony contributes in a consultant capacity.


Currently a junior at Johns Hopkins University, Whiting School of Engineering, Anthony is studying Computer Engineering with a minor in Entrepreneurship. He is passionate about community outreach in the context of entrepreneurship and equal opportunity to education. In addition, he is proficient in the Darbuka, a Middle-Eastern drum he performs with during Aurora Over the Silk Road events. Anthony maintains a passion for helping others and believes in the power of community.


A senior in high-school, Yasmine is a fierce believer in the power of dance, music, and language to unite individuals from all backgrounds. She persistently works to challenge the basis of prejudice and intolerance through programs such as S-A-F-E, her personal project to give immigrants and refugees a safe environment in which to share their cultures while at the same time forging a sense of community in their new homes. Dancing for the past fifteen years, Yasmine is dedicated to preserving her heritage through performing and teaching her ancestral dances as part of Rhythms of Culture and Aurora Over the Silk Road. Above all, Yasmine believes in education and free expression, and hopes encouraging both in children is the key to achieving a world of equality, respect, and tolerance.